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PROTOform VTA Rear Tires (31mm) Mounted

for VTA Rear, Mounted on 12mm Wheels

  • 10139M

Now pre-mounted for your convenience!

This pair of VTA tires is fully-approved for U.S. Vintage Trans-Am Racing and is fully-capable on any surface: carpet, prepared asphalt or parking lots. Utilizing a super long-lasting compound and molding technology perfected by our partners at Pro-Line Racing, we're proud to say these VTA spec tires are 100% Made in the USA

On high-grip CRC carpet, these tires have been tested to provide an easy-to-drive handling feel and comparable lap times to previous VTA tires, all without the need for superglued sidewalls. On asphalt, these tires grip well with additives and provide realistic tire screeching sounds for an ultra-scale effect.

PROTOform's VTA pre-mounts are sold in pairs and mounted our durable, nylon, 8-spoke wheels. The 26mm fronts are 0 offset, while the 31mm rears measure at +6 offset to fill the rear fenders of your 190mm touring car equipped with a PROTOform VTA body. Choose from white or black options to suit your taste or paint scheme.


Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted

10139-17 | PROTOform VTA Rear Tires (31mm) Mounted on White 12mm Wheels for VTA Class
10139-18 | PROTOform VTA Rear Tires (31mm) Mounted on Black 12mm Wheels for VTA Class

  • Pre-mounted for your Convenience
  • Scale Vintage Looks
  • Available in Black or White Colors
  • Long lasting Tire compound
  • Durable Nylon Wheel Material
  • Works well on any surface
  • Made in the USA

Diameter:   64mm
Width:   31mm

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