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Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick SC 2.2"/3.0" MC (Clay) Drag Racing Tires

for SC Trucks Rear

This is a pair of Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick SC Rear Tires. Are you searching for more grip off the line for your No Prep Drag Car? Is your car begging for wide drag slick rear tires to complete the authentic look of your build? Look no further than Pro-Line's all-new Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick SC tires! The Big Daddy tire has a massive 2" wide contact patch (25% wider than standard Short Course Drag Slicks) making them ideal for low-grip, no-prep surfaces while still fitting standard Short Course 2.2"/3.0" wheels. Pro-Line engineers added extra webbing inside of the tire for added stability at the high speeds found in drag racing. The Big Daddy tire is made from Pro-Line's MC compound which has become a drag racing favorite for its incredible grip on a variety of surfaces and its resistance to stretching. Pro-Line includes soft gray foam inserts to allow the Big Daddy tires to fully conform to the track surface and provide maximum grip. Don't be left spinning your tires off the line; get yourself a set of Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick Tires now!

Lab Certified Select Compounds
Download the full tire compound chart
  • MC:
  • Minimal Tread Flex for Unmatched Mechanical Grip on Clay
  • Minimal Carcass Flex While Cornering
  • Low Wear on Clay Surfaces

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Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.

10184-17 | Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick SC 2.2"/3.0" MC (Clay) Drag Racing Tires (2) for SC Trucks Rear

  • 25% Wider for Maximum No Prep Drag Racing Traction
  • Completes the Look of your Drag Racer
  • Provides Incredible Grip Off the Line
  • Fits Standard 2.2"/3.0" Short Course Wheels
  • Made from the Drag Racing Favorite MC Material
  • Soft Gray Foam Inserts Included
  • Made in the USA, since 1982 - Read about Pro-Line Racing's History

  • Big Daddy Wide Drag Slick SC Tires (2 pcs)
  • Soft Gray Foam Inserts (2 pcs)

Download Tire Compound ChartTire Compound Colored Dot Chart
Height:   4.15" (105mm)
Width:   2.10" (53mm)

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