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PRO-MT 4x4 1:10 4WD Monster Truck Pre-Built Roller MSRP $499.95
Product ID: 4005-00    
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Ambush MT 4x4 1:10 4WD Monster Truck Pre-Built Roller  
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Extreme. Durable. Performance. 
The PRO-MT 4x4 was designed and built from the ground up to be the most Extreme 1:10 Monster Truck ever created while delivering the Durability and Performance you have come to expect from Pro-Line. Pro-Line has over 35 years of experience making the highest quality and best performing accessories and we used that experience to create the ultimate Go Anywhere - Do Anything 4x4 Monster Truck. Bashing has never been so good! The PRO-MT 4x4 has race-bred DNA similar to 1:8 Race Buggies for expectation shattering Performance combined with Extreme Durability.


The PRO-MT 4x4 comes as a Pre-Built Roller, so you just install your own electronics by following the included Instruction Manual, paint your body with your favorite paint job, and Go Have Fun! If you are ready to graduate up from the Ready-to-Run vehicles that currently occupy the 1:10 Monster Truck market and you want true next-level Performance the PRO-MT 4x4 is the truck for you. The PRO-MT 4x4 does not include electronics, paint or the tools required to operate or maintain the truck.

The PRO-MT 4x4 is unlike any other Monster Truck available because it was designed from the ground up to have the highest quality components and the best performance right out of the box. No need to spend tons of money on upgrades like all the other trucks available… the PRO-MT 4x4 has the upgrades you need already included making it the best value for the money! Every part of this 1:10 Monster Truck was designed from Day 1 to handle today’s extreme brushless power systems, including insane 1:8 Motor Systems and 4S LiPo Power. This has never been done in a truck of this size and Pro-Line is proud to bring it to you! Read below for more details on specific features.



Durability meets Performance with Pro-Line’s PRO-MT 4x4 Aluminum & Steel Bi-Metal Chassis. The full length 3mm thick Gun-Metal Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum Chassis combines with a 3mm thick Hardened Steel Spine extending from the Center Diff to the Rear Diff for Maximum Chassis Stiffness and Durability.



The Transmission is the Heart of any vehicle and the PRO-MT 4x4’s heart is based on Race Proven Technology. Each Diff can be tuned with different weight oils and the Internal Diff Gears are all Steel construction. The 3 Diff setup ensures that Power is always being sent to the wheels and is not being robbed by a traditional slipper. Oversized Ball Bearings are used throughout for free spinning operation.



The PRO-MT 4x4 comes standard with Huge 1:8 Size 16mm Big Bore Shocks that take on any terrain. The shock bodies are Gun Metal Anodized CNC machined Aluminum and threaded for precision ride height adjustment. The shock internals feature a single X-Ring seal, Delrin Pistons & Shafts Guides, and Hard Chrome Coated Shock Shafts just like our high end race style Pro-Spec Shocks!


Pro-Line chose 1:8 style MOD 1 size gears for the PRO-MT 4x4 to achieve the absolute maximum in gear tooth durability. The Front/Rear Ring & Pinion Gears are made from High Strength Hardened Steel using the latest in manufacturing technology. The PRO-MT 4x4 gears are insanely Strong!



Pro-Line has developed an easy-to-use CNC machined Aluminum Motor Mount System. Designed to fit both 1:10 and 1:8 motors, it pre-sets the gear mesh for you while preventing the motor from shifting during use. The gear mesh is set using the included chassis inserts for the pinion gear you plan to use.



The front suspension features hardened steel Pivot Balls with Delrin Pivot Inserts that devour hits from all angles. Extra thick upper and lower control arms are designed to take a beating and are mounted to Aluminum Arm Mounts with Plastic Hinge Pin Inserts similar to 1:8 Race Buggies. Front and Rear Sway Bars come standard and Lock Nuts are used everywhere possible to prevent screws from backing out!



Easy access to all 3 Diffs was an important design goal that was achieved on the PRO-MT 4x4. The center Diff is easily removed by just 4 screws, while the Front & Rear only require the removal of the bumpers and Diff Covers. Working on the PRO-MT 4x4 could not be easier!

Precision Steering

The PRO-MT 4x4 comes standard with an Adjustable Servo Saver similar to 1:8 Race Buggies and an Aluminum Center Drag Link for Precise Control even during extreme Bash Sessions. The Steering rides on huge Ball Bearings and the Servo Saver can be easily adjusted with the included 17mm Wheel Wrench.


Balanced weight distribution is critical for ideal handling. The unique PRO-MT 4x4 chassis layout achieves near perfect 50/50 weight balance both Front to Rear and Side to Side. This truck will fly straighter and more controlled than any other Monster Truck you have ever driven!


Pro-Line knows tires and we have included the Best of the Best with the PRO-MT 4x4. Super traction and Superior Wear Badlands MX28 tires provide performance on any terrain. The HUGE 17mm 1:8 size Aluminum wheel hexes prevent the F-11 wheels from stripping out even under immense power. And best of all they are Made in the USA!

4WD Electric 1:10 Monster Truck Pre-Built Roller
Length: 18.0" (457mm)
Width: 14" (355mm)
Wheelbase 11.2" (284mm)
with tires
5.7lbs. (2.6kg)
Pro-Line PRO-MT 4x4 1:10 Monster Truck Parts
  4005-01 | Mod 1 Spur Gears   4005-02,-03 | Front & Rear Bumpers   4005-04 | Shock Towers  
  MOD 1 Spur Gears   Front & Rear Bumpers   Shock Towers  
  #4005-01 $12.95   #4005-02 [F] $12.95   #4005-04 $12.95  
        #4005-03 [R] $12.95        
  4005-05, -06 | Front & Rear Arms   4005-07 | Pivot Ball Hardware and Shock Pistons   4005-08 | Ring and Pinion Gears  
  Front & Rear Arms   Pivot Ball Hardware and Shock Pistons   Ring and Pinion Gears  
  #4005-05 [F] $12.95   #4005-07 $16.95   #4005-08 $24.95  
  #4005-06 [R] $12.95              
  4005-09 | Plastic Hinge Pin Inserts   4005-10 | 16T Mod 1 Pinion Gear   4005-11 | Battery Straps  
  Plastic Hinge Pin Inserts   16T MOD 1 Pinion Gear   Battery Straps  
  #4005-09 $8.95   #4005-10 $12.95   #4005-11 $14.95  
  4005-12 | Axle   4005-13 | Center Drive Shafts   4005-14 | Diff Outdrives  
  Axle   Center Drive Shafts   Diff Outdrives  
  #4005-12 $8.95   #4005-13 $12.95   #4005-14 $12.95  
  4005-15, -16 | Front & Rear Drive Shafts   4005-17, -18 | Front & Rear Shock Body Set   4005-19 | Hinge Pin Set  
  Front & Rear Drive Shafts   Front & Rear Shock Body Set   Hinge Pin Set  
  #4005-15 [F] $16.95   #4005-17 [F] $14.95   #4005-19 $14.95  
  #4005-16 [R] $16.95   #4005-18 [R] $14.95        
  4005-20 | Servo Saver Hardware   4005-21 | Sway Bar Hardware   4005-22 | 17mm Wheel Hex Set  
  Servo Saver Hardware   Sway Bar Hardware   17mm Wheel Hex Set  
  #4005-20 $16.95   #4005-21 $14.95   #4005-22 $12.95  
  4005-23 | CVD Pins   4005-24 | Shock Springs   4005-25 | Motor Mount  
  CVD Pins   Shock Springs   Motor Mount  
  #4005-23 $8.95   #4005-24 $12.95   #4005-25 $38.95  
  4005-26 | Motor Mount Insert Set   4005-27 | Servo Mount   4005-29, -32 | Hinge Pin Holder (A1, A3)  
  Motor Mount Insert Set   Servo Mount   Hinge Pin Holder  
  #4005-26 $24.95   #4005-27 $16.95   #4005-29 [A1] $16.95  
              #4005-32 [A2] $16.95  
  4005-28, -38 | Hinge Pin Holder (B1, B2)   4005-31 | Hinge Pin Holder (C1)   4005-30 | Hinge Pin Holder (D1)  
  Hinge Pin Holder   Hinge Pin Holder   Hinge Pin Holder  
  #4005-28 [B1] $16.95   #4005-31 [C1] $16.95   #4005-30 [D1] $16.95  
  #4005-33 [B2] $16.95              
  4005-34 | Chassis   4005-35 | Steering Plastics   4005-36 | Front and Rear Body Mounts  
  Chassis   Steering Plastics   Front and Rear Body Mounts  
  #4005-34 $79.95   #4005-35 $16.95   #4005-36 $12.95  
  4005-37 | Bearing Set   4005-38 | Diff Housing & Seals   4005-39 | 17mm Wheel Nuts  
  Bearing Set   Diff Housing & Seals   17mm Wheel Nuts  
  #4005-37 $42.95   #4005-38 $16.95   #4005-39 $28.95  
  4005-40 | Shock Seals   4005-41, -42 | Front & Rear Shock Shafts   4005-43 | Shock Plastics  
  Shock Seals   Front & Rear Shock Shafts   Shock Plastics  
  #4005-40 $16.95   #4005-41 [R] $16.95   #4005-43 $14.95  
        #4005-42 [F] $16.95        
  4005-44 | Front and Rear Diff Cases   4005-45 | Center Diff Mount   4005-46 | Side Pods  
  Front and Rear Diff Cases   Center Diff Mount   Side Pods  
  #4005-44 $12.95   #4005-45 $12.95   #4005-46 $12.95  
  4005-47, -48 | Front and Rear Hub Carriers   4005-49 | Chassis Brace & 17mm Wheel Wrench   3435-00 | Pro-Line Sentinel Clear Body  
  Front and Rear Hub Carriers   Chassis Brace & 17mm Wheel Wrench   Sentinel Clear Body  
  #4005-47 [R] $12.95   #4005-49 $8.95   #3435-00 $34.95  
  #4005-48 [F] $12.95              
  10125 | Badlands MX28 2.8" All Terrain Tires Mounted 17mm   6070-02 | Pro-Line Body Mount Secure-Loc Cap Kit      
  Badlands MX28 2.8" All Terrain Tires Mounted 17mm   Pro-Line Body Mount Secure-Loc Cap Kit      
  #10125-18 $44.95   #6070-02 $7.95        
Equipment Needed (Not Included)