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In 1991, during a very challenging economic recession, former GM employee Dale Epp began considering his next career move. Little did he know that a casual stroll into a local magazine shop would change his life forever.

After flipping through the pages of an RC Car Action magazine, Dale came across a few colorful photos showing 1/10th scale stock cars lined up around a huge banked oval track in Florida. The first thing that came to mind was "Wow!" Those pictures depicted a realistic view of what could have been the pace laps at the start of the Daytona 500. That moment inspired Dale to market his God-given design skills of style, realism and aerodynamics to the RC industry.

Under Dale Epp's leadership, PROTOform was founded and within months it caught the attention of RC race enthusiasts and pro racers from all over the world. Since those early days, PROTOform has captured 25 IFMAR World Champions and countless national, regional, and local championship titles. In 1995, PROTOform made a strategic move by joining forces with Pro-Line Racing in order to expand the company's marketing reach and meet the increasing demand for more race-winning on-road and oval bodies. In 2014, Dale hired his son Eric as Brand Manager to help drive PROTOform's marketing and race team efforts forward. 

Today under the leadership of Dale and Eric, PROTOform continues as the world's premiere RC racing body manufacturer delivering the most innovative, functional and attractive on-road RC race bodies on the market.